EA Confirms Star Wars Battlefront 2

Ever since it’s release Star Wars Battlefront has had rocky fan reception. Everything from the low number of maps, DLC money racketing, to general lack of content has made fans less than excited about the game. All of this is quite sad considering what a huge impact and joy that the previous games were to play, and the special place we hold in our hearts for them. However EA may finally have a chance to right all of their wrongs.

Recently EA (Electronic Arts) confirmed a sequel to Star Wars Battlefront coming from a collaboration between Dice and Motive™ Studios. On EA’s official Star Wars Battlefront Site, they have said that they have been carefully taking into consideration all the feedback they’ve gathered from Star Wars Battlefront. Hopefully all of this will make for a much more promising game, however we already have a few things to look forward to.

A story mode/ campaign has already been confirmed as EA’s CEO said the game will be much “bigger”. We also have news that there will in face be multiple eras of play meaning like the classics, you will be able to play the Clone Wars as well. Keep in mind that these new additions for many are what should have been included in the first game all along.

So, will EA finally be able to right the wrongdoings of Star Wars Battlefront? There is no doubt how much it pales in comparison to the original two, but hopefully now we’ll be getting what we deserve.
As more news and information comes forward, we’ll keep you updated.