Top 5 Reasons Call of Duty Still Has It

Over the years Call of Duty has made itself a household name with gamers around the world. Considered giants of first-person shooters they certainly live up to their grand expectations. To honor them we’ve put together a top ten list.

1. The Multiplayer

Call of Duty’s multiplayer is something that never ceases to amaze me. With each new installment we are swept away to new locations as well as some familiar reboots as well. The people are always interesting too, literally every lobby you enter is packed full of different player types, some of which you’ll never meet again.
Aside from the newer entries in the series, Call of Duty has a strong past in multiplayer as well. Competing against games like Medal of Honor, Doom, and Halo, Call of Duty has made itself a clear first-rate game. The multiplayer felt hellish just as a real battlefield would, and they also introduced to us the almighty “kill-cam”.

2. The Campaign

Call of Duty’s campaigns are something special to gamers, especially in its older entries. Call of Duty specialized in delivering on the theme of “War is Hell”. Everything can be expected, from brutal enemy attacks and tough to overrun defenses, to characters that develop along the way.
In addition Call of Duty’s use of set pieces for storytelling is unreal. The environments and firefights are believable, leaving players on their stomachs crawling under enemy covering fire while trying to reach objectives is something that blew people away. The stories are often also provocative in later titles and add a much needed sense of morality to the situation.

3. Playability

If there’s one thing CoD boasts over the competition it’s the play-ability. Each match lasts around 10 minutes and isn’t a huge time investment for players. When players want to play a match or jump into the campaign for a few minutes they’re not bogged down. Nothing drives players away like feeling as if their time is being held hostage.

4. Evolution

Another great point to add is that this franchise is always moving forward. In 2007 CoD made a huge leap into the future. Call of Duty brought its franchise into the modern world with Modern Warfare. Players would find themselves in a new setting where firefights would become more deadly with the addition of new weapons and the introduction of perks.
In more recent times CoD has also revamped their movement systems as well as added new multiplayer experinces along the way.

5. New Entries

Call of Duty pushes out a new title every year. This means players can expect a new thrilling experience should they get bored with the last entry. The ability to produce to titles is one thing that has players excited every year. These new entries are one way that the Call of Duty franchise combats player boredom in an ever growing scene of first person shooters.

At the end of the day Call of Duty has grown to be one of the most beloved franchises among gamers. Dominating the FPS scene for more than a decade, they have managed to keep players engaged while managing to change how FPS are played.