Update: GameGrief

Welcome Back

Over the last few months GameGrief.com has been inactive for a number of reasons. However this is all about to change as the site is now re-launching for the better. We hope to come back in swinging with better content and more attention grabbing news for our readers. Below I will go into some of the details about this launch and some of our changes.


Site Issues

The biggest reason why Game Grief was inactive was due to the (old) hosting service that was used and the platform as well. We have changed hosting and are now using a much better and more reliable platform for our site. This helps in many ways by allowing us more tools and features to better craft our site and publish more captivating posts for our audience.

The second biggest reason was experience with posting articles and low reader response. Both of these issues were affected by our hosting and platform as we had limited control over how we portrayed ourselves online. However I now believe that the site will be able to move forward for the better.


The site has underwent an overhaul to the look and feel, which we believe will be more appealing to readers and staff alike. Over the coming weeks more changes in this department may come and some features may come and go, but we are always moving in a direction we believe to better our site. Moving forward we will continue to update our look and feel and would enjoy any feedback.

One major announcement I’d like to add to the updates is how content will be generated and published. Game Grief will accept reader submissions, suggestions, and will also consider partnerships. I think that this is an excellent move in that it helps us by helping readers and fans be more involved in the content. If you have any ideas for posts or content please let us know and if you’re interested in using us to promote your own content we would also enjoy hearing from you.




Overall I am excited to bring the site back to the public and work on introducing some new features as well as being more involved with our audience. As I stated before, we are open to suggestions and feedback as well as submissions. Feel free to do so via the contact section of the site.


Thank you,