RPG Mechanics that Need Help

When players think of choice and control few genres stick out the way that RPGs do, but let’s face it they aren’t perfect. Along side this is a topic that needs attention but is rarely granted an audience past a few disgruntled fans bickering. Below is our list for RPG Mechanics that Seriously Need to Go.

Escort Quests


Nothing like escorting an able bodied NPC across a field only to be attacked by every wolf in the game.

Why they suck:

Escort quests are long, boringly long. They also usually involve assisting someone who is slow, unskilled, and talkative move along a path that they normally would travel unassisted any other day of the week.
The main issue isn’t that escort quests are long and boring, it’s that they’re pointless. Usually they only serve the purpose of sharing information while conveniently walking to your next objective. Developers could potentially use this time to flesh out a story rather than take advantage of a situation. The situation being: A) You need information the NPC has. B) You both share a destination.

How they could be improved:

Cut the dumbed down attacks from wolves, bandits, or other nuisances along the way. Instead replace these with encounters that help drive the quest further into the lore books.

Enemy Scaling


Having trouble killing bandits after leveling to max, along with new gear shouldn’t even be a thing.

Why it sucks:

There is truly nothing more disappointing than your hard earned gear and skill leveling not making a difference in combat. Also I’m a firm believer that will-o-the-wisps and skeletons shouldn’t be as difficult as some bosses.

How it could be improved:

It’s not that enemy scaling is done with ill intentions. There is a very logical reason to scaling enemies and that’s because inevitably if you don’t people will complain that the game is too hard. However I think developers could stand to handle zones and leveled areas a little better in games.


Boss_0034_Capra Demon

I can already hear people clicking away from this article at this point, but allow me to explain.

Why it sucks:

Aside from building sized demons as bosses, there is nothing that should make a particular human NPC any more formidable an opponent. Nothing screams a lack of innovation like developers making a regular Joe able to take nearly three times the lethal amount of damage as his henchmen.

How it could be improved:

Bosses are a necessity, and I agree that they should be tough. However rather than increasing hitpoints I believe that adding unique strengths and weaknesses would also do the trick just as well. Overall you need bosses in video games, just reworked a little.


witcher dialogue

Nothing sucks more in a video game then poor scripting for dialogue scenes, except for when you choose an option only to discover your character will say it differently.

Why it sucks:

Having generic dialogue options that don’t actually reflect what your character will actually say is a bit annoying. In addition nothing sucks worse than awkward phrases and horrid attempts at flirting.

How it could be improved:

What you see is what you get, should best be applied here. Whoever is in charge of dialogue needs to dial it back to when you could accurately determine what you were about to say, not just a vague idea.

Overall RPGs still remain one of my favorite genres if not my favorite. However there are few mechanics that could stand improvement as much as the ones we have listed here. If you have any comments or we missed some mechanics that you hate in particular, leave a comment below and share with your friends.

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