Battlefield 1: Winter Update.


The Update

Battlefield 1 is getting a new update packed full of features that will change gameplay and improve the game overall. Included are patch notes as well as some other general information you should be aware of.

New Ribbons


New Ribbons have been added for you to claim as you play, giving players even more collectibles. In addition to the 20 new ribbons each one is also worth 300 XP.

Max Class Rank


A new max class rank has been set across all classes, this will increase it from 10 to 50. The new class ranks will also add flair to your cards as well as new dog tags to show off.
For the full update log you can find it here. If you haven’t purchased Battlefield 1 we also highly recommend this game to our readers. We will post an Amazon Affiliate link below, as always buying through our affiliate link helps us to keep this site growing.

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