Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta- Review

Galactic Assault on Naboo

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta has come and here’s what I think of the experience as a whole.

What’s in the Beta?

The beta contains three Multiplayer modes for players to enjoy. Starting off with displaying what could be it’s most promising new modes.

Galactic Assault– Galactic Assault takes place on Naboo with you spawning in as either a Separatist Droid or a Republic Clone. This mode is objective based where as a droid you’ll be tasked with delivering your MTT to the Naboo Palace where you will attempt to capture the throne room securing the planet. As a clone your goal will be to stop the MTT in its tracks or keep the droids from taking the palace once they make it there.

Starfighter Assault– Over Fondor you will take the role of defense as an Imperial Pilot or the attacking Resistance (Read: “Rebel”) Pilot. You will attempt to either protect or destroy a Star Destroyer in remarkably fast paced combat.

Strike– On Takodana you will either play as the Resistance trying to protect an artifact or as the First Order attempting to capture the artifact and take it off planet.


What I liked about the Beta

The beta feels like a genuine upgrade from 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront as you now have more class options with unique capabilities. It also feels like how Star Wars should with plenty of familiar sounds and locations bringing back nostalgia or refreshing new sights.

Combat– It also helps that the combat feels less arcade-like and more competitive as you try to stop ferocious waves of attackers from breaking your assault.

Game Modes– I felt like 2015’s Battlefront contained far too little to make it a worthwhile game, despite huge potential. It’s nice to see SWBF2 has stepped it up with some truly white-knuckle game modes.

Heroes– Heroes this time around feel like a much needed improvement with the ability to spend points on specific ones making it less of a gamble. It’s also nice that the heroes have a smaller health pool to keep the gameplay focused on team-play rather than being a nearly invincible blaster sponge.


What I disliked about the Beta

Overall my main concern is while this feels like an upgrade to Star Wars Battlefront it is still sequel with some serious ties to the original.

Specialist Lens Glare– I felt like the added lens glare to Specialist rifles while scoped was a bit of a stretch for the game. This goes back to my woes with it in Battlefield 1 but it is definitely exaggerated in Battlefront.

Complexity Hiding Barebones– Although seeing a better class system this time around is a welcome surprise I still cringe slightly at the lack of real meat on the bones here. On top of that what little customization offered was drawn out into complexity to hide the fact. Star Car variants aren’t exactly what I had hoped for in terms of depth.

Spending points on “extra” classes– Okay this one really irked me from the beginning as I feel like jet troopers and their variants should be included in the class list. I like the idea that since it is a more “powerful” class that you should have to earn points toward them but overall I feel like it has become too exclusive. Sorry.

Lack of vehicle gameplay– I like the direction they went towards moderating vehicle usage BUT the limitations don’t really embody the scale of galactic warfare.



Star Wars Battlefront 2 is looking to be a major improvement over the last entry. With that being said I think that a lot of fans (myself included) have quite large expectations. Seeing as this is a Beta and will likely not include any major changes between now and release it does offer up some concern among excitement.